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Mar 25 14

More from Analytics Custom Reports on Search Engine People

Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics by default can be a very useful tool, but it’s flexibility can greatly increase it’s value through aligning reporting to your needs.

Feb 28 14

About the OODA Loop For Data Driven Marketing

Using The OODA Loop For Data Driven Marketing on Search Engine People

Decision making are a popular topic for business, and the Observe–Orient–Decide–Act (OODA) loop is one of the more popular models for explaining the decision cycle. Recently I wrote a brief guest post for Search Engine People outlining how to apply … Read More

Dec 24 13

Some UTM Tips for Search Engine People

13 Excellent Examples Of Google Analytics UTM Tagging You Can Use Too

Recently I wrote a guest post called “Examples Of Google Analytics UTM Tagging” covering a few ways to use UTM to improve tracking online marketing.