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More from Analytics Custom Reports on Search Engine People

Google Analytics by default can be a very useful tool, but it’s flexibility can greatly increase it’s value through aligning reporting to your needs.

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About the OODA Loop For Data Driven Marketing

Decision making are a popular topic for business, and the Observe–Orient–Decide–Act (OODA) loop is one of the more popular models for explaining the decision cycle. Recently I wrote a brief guest post for Search Engine People outlining how to apply … Read More

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Some UTM Tips for Search Engine People

Recently I wrote a guest post called “Examples Of Google Analytics UTM Tagging” covering a few ways to use UTM to improve tracking online marketing.

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Starting with Email on Search Engine People

Email marketing is boring and this is actually a good thing. It just works and it has been around for so long it is hard to make up new buzzwords for it.

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The Death of One RSS Reader

Google Reader is about to go, and those who would care have already found alternatives. I have not logged into Google Reader account since I moved on.

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