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Search versus Search

Rather than treat them as seperate channels, paid and organic search can be used to deliver better results as a part of an integrated marketing strategy.

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Inbound & Search Marketing on Search Engine People

As an idea it has been evolving online for a few years now, and currently is closely associated with content marketing, social and community building efforts.

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Bing’s arrived and Yahoo! hasn’t left

Bing Ads have finally launched in Australia, only four years after the deal with Yahoo! started the process that would end one as a search engine.

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Using Excel To Group Long Tail Keywords on Search Engine People

My latest guest post, “Using Excel Formulas To Group Your Google Analytics Long Tail Keywords Into Themes
“, is live on Search Engine People’s blog.

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Shifting Markets to Follow Markets

Google has begun to roll out Enhanced Campaigns, and the reactions have been mixed. At least until the middle of this year the older format, now called Legacy Campaigns, will remain as they are, though any new ones will be Enhanced by default.

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