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Graph Search: More Searching Social than Social Search

Facebook has actually been providing a social layer to search for a while now, with both Bing and Blekko using Facebook information to rank results.

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Keywords without Google on Search Engine People

The AdWords keyword tool is the starting point for many search engine marketers, both organic and paid.

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Death of Search Queries on Search Engine People

The evolution of search is driven as much by new technology, changing user expectations as it is by optimisation activity from the content creators.

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It’s Good to be a Brand in Search

Marketing a brand in search isn’t the same as promoting content on a generic, keyword matched, nondescript domain.

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Social Voting or Richer Search Results

Last month there were two interesting announcements relating to search. Google’s new +1 button became available for websites, and Schema.org was launched. One of the two is going to have significant implications for search marketing and how the results page will be displayed, and the other is just going to disappear into the ever expanding pile of social sharing buttons sitting at the bottom of almost every page online.

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