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Who Pays for the User

Online, someone will always need to pay. People need to eat, websites need bandwidth and servers need power. The important question is who foots the bill. Right now online, there seem to be three options: The User The Advertiser The … Read More

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People Being People Online

Social media is just people being people online. From sites like Facebook and Twitter, through to Livejournal, IRC, MUDs and email lists, it was behaviour more than the technologies’ intended design that shaped how these tools were used. Twitter’s hashtags, … Read More

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Social Media Sandwich

Salami and salad are an aggregate of different ingredients. Both salami and salad are diverse, mixing a range of different yet similar stuff into the one package, a lot like Twitter and Facebook. Combining so much into one easily consumed … Read More

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Search Engines & Entertaining New Ideas

Search as a Portal Bing has announced some new features in search this week. Explained in the Bing Gets a Fresh Look post, content themed on Auto, Finance and Entertainment information was used to demonstrate “great new decision-making tools in … Read More

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Democratised Content & Barriers of Entry

Ever since someone decided to perpetuate the term ‘Web 2.0′ as a repositioning exercise for online communities that have existed for as long as the internet has, there has been a deluge of purple prose dedicated to telling ourselves and the entire world exactly how wonderful everything online with white space and glossy glass effect graphics is.

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