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The Death of One RSS Reader

Google Reader is about to go, and those who would care have already found alternatives. I have not logged into Google Reader account since I moved on.

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Using Excel To Group Long Tail Keywords on Search Engine People

My latest guest post, “Using Excel Formulas To Group Your Google Analytics Long Tail Keywords Into Themes
“, is live on Search Engine People’s blog.

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Living with SSL Search

In October Google 2011 announced that all their users will be using SSL search by default. Google’s SSL search was originally rolled out in the USA market and provoked a lively response from the SEO community.

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Adwords Trademark Changes on Google.com.au

Google is no longer responsible or obliged to prevent advertisers from directly targeting branded keywords, bringing the Australian market in line with other English-speaking markets such as the UK and USA.

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Google, Now with Travel Times

Recently an SEO specialist I work with, Ana Diaz saw something interesting. A number of travel queries came with a map, with a route, distance and travel time displayed.

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