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Bing’s arrived and Yahoo! hasn’t left

Bing Ads have finally launched in Australia, only four years after the deal with Yahoo! started the process that would end one as a search engine.

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Twitter, the Warmest 100 and was there enough data?

Every year Australia’s major youth focused radio station holds a poll to pick the 100 most popular tracks for the last twelve months. This poll is called the Hottest 100, it is rather popular.

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Dates, Data & some Search Results

Event dates such as the one above seem to be another example of Google’s drive to providing a richer, more informative Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

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Tracking Image Search in Google Analytics

Google Analytics handles search traffic from image search the same as any other organic query. The search term will appear under Sources/Search/Organic and the keywords will be reported the the same way as one from the blended search results page. … Read More

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You can find the ROI of a Telephone

During the panel the #SXSMROI Twitter stream was full of comments following this theme. Many commented that Social Media’s value for business shouldn’t be measured in terms of money, either the loss, saving or acquisition thereof.

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