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Google, Now with Travel Times

Recently an SEO specialist I work with, Ana Diaz saw something interesting. A number of travel queries came with a map, with a route, distance and travel time displayed.

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Graph Search: More Searching Social than Social Search

Facebook has actually been providing a social layer to search for a while now, with both Bing and Blekko using Facebook information to rank results.

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Time, Competition, Adwords and Market Dynamics

3am is not the busiest time of day for search. Nor is it the best for conversions. For organic traffic, this does not matter. Ranks do not change depending on the time of day or week in the search results. The same is not true for paid search.

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Kickstart your Competitor Analysis on Search Engine People

How do you keep an eye on your competition in search? There are a lot of tools available, from free to costing thousands. However it does not stop there.

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Intent and Keyword Research on Search Engine People

Search engine marketing is one of the very few channels where you can target people by their intent.

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