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It is the weekend again and there is another home game on Sunday at Lang Park.  Personally I find Sunday night games a bit of a chore. You cannot overindulge or continue for too long afterwards, because you need to go to work the next day, and all I really want to do on a Sunday is as little as possible.  I also know that I am not the only person who thinks this.

Every weekend this season I feel like I am closer to just not going, and this is with the sunk cost of a season ticket too. There are really only two things that keep me turning up.  I have no Foxtel so I can’t watch it from home and I like the guys I hang out with at the game.  Obviously if a few of them stopped going, then I probably wouldn’t either, and I am sure this would apply to a few others too. So potentially, should three or four of the regulars stop going, potentially twice as many will not show up the next week. This is only a small group, but how many of the rest of the crowd are made up of the same kinds of social groups?

Unfortunately for the clubs, this is something that cannot be reliably tracked through watching for trends. It is the unpredictable failure point which can lead to a response greater than anticipated that is the issue.  So how do you measure for the failure point of a crowd?  Quantitative data, qualitative data?  Guess or try to gauge the opinions of the loudest members of the groups through their preferred social networks?  It might just be easier to provide them with what they want in the first place, and just maybe, play a few less games on Sunday.

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