Brisbane Roar into the next season

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It is all but confirmed that we will be seeing a lot more headlines just like that one next season, as well as other gems like: ‘Brisbane Roars into the lead’, ‘A Roar Deal for Brisbane’ and so much more. With another two football teams in Queensland and a few rumors regarding kit and domain names, it is all but certain that the Roar will become the Brisbane Roar in the 09-10 A-league season. This change will probably be mostly cosmetic, and aside from forcing some people to modify their chants, swapping Queensland for Brisbane will mean very little to the match day experience.

Brisbane vs the Gold Coast

It is the inclusion of a Gold Coast team that is the most likely cause for innovation on the part of the Roar. With a rival team so close, and the unattached nature of the fanbase, both clubs will need to work harder to maintain and expand their fanbase. With Palmer and his money backing the Gold Coast football club, the Roar will need to be smarter to compete. There is one positive to come from this however, and that is the existing rivalry between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, but as is seen in the NRL, this can only carry a club so far.

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