The Roar now under new management

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It is now official and the Queensland Roar, soon to be Brisbane Roar, are under FFA management. The Queensland government have also just agreed to a reasonable deal on Suncorp Stadium too, something the previous management were unable to do. With a stadium secured, funding assured and two new local teams to stir up a few rivalries, football in Brisbane looks set for a good 2009/2010 season.

What this means for the club and it’s relationship with it’s fans and the community is still unclear. For a few groups, the stated rational behind not supporting the Roar was the clubs links with the Qld Lions Football club from the NSL. With the last of the ties, barring the tenuous link from the name and the colours, will this change? At first glance, yes, with the departure of Lawrence Oudendyk, the club has no real current links to the Lions and the history that has put off so many. Personally, I doubt this will make a difference, at least without any positive action on the part of the club.

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