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If you have a website, it is worth having a look through your single click search terms. Some of them can be interesting, funny or bizarre.

twitter scam ponzi

Well, technically Twitter is not a Ponzi scam, though most of the multilevel marketing on it is.  The first problem with this statement is that Twitter does not actually cost any money.  ‘Make money on Twitter’ products are different though…

twitter and multilevel marketers

They are everywhere.  Just mention ‘social media’, ‘marketing’ or any other keyword in that space and you will be followed by dozens of bots spewing “I made $xxxxx with one tweet, slap yourself in the face if you believe me and give me all your money!!!”  It seems that most of these ‘products’ involve paying to be able to spam even more people to sell the the ability to spam even more people….

statistics of gym goers

There are more of them on Monday and Tuesday night at the gym I train at.  Anything else I would be making up.  Sorry.

lang park

These days it is actually called Suncorp Stadium. The Brisbane Broncos and the Brisbane (formerly Queensland) Roar both play there.  It used to be called Lang Park until the naming rights were sold, but no matter which bank has its name on it, it will always be Lang Park to a large portion of Brisbane’s population.

diehards football club brisbane+contact

Good luck contacting them.  Unfortunately ‘diehards football club brisbane’ is not organised around a single point of contact.  There are a number of football clubs out there, but I am not sure if ‘diehards’ describes them all that well.  If you are looking from some kind of group of Italian-style Ultras, I am afraid that they just don’t exist in Brisbane.

democratised internet web 2.0 information

I do not really have anything like this on the site anywhere, but I do admire the ability to cram this many buzzwords into one search query. You forgot to add ‘social media’.

Online Marketing in Brisbane?

Claire and I are setting up an informal dinner group for other professionals in the industry. The idea is to meet up every month or so to eat and chat about the industry in general and other random topics. The first one is planned for June. Please contact me if you are interested.

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