Hands up everyone who cares about what Yahoo does

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I did not think that there would be too many of you.

But I often find myself suprised at how often people completely disregard Yahoo as a source for traffic these days. While Google does indeed dominate right now, I do not see how relying on it to provide up to 90% of all traffic is a great idea. Yahoo may not perform as many searches as Google, but it should account for more than a single digit percentage of inbound traffic. It is just good business not to trust a single source for the bulk of your revenue.

Google does have a huge pile of traffic, and getting pages into Google does not take as long as it does with Yahoo. However Yahoo does make it easy to pick content to be displayed as a part of an enhanced search listing.


Yahoo Google’s Base

More recently, and interestingly Yahoo has also started to support Event, Product, Review, Job, and Personals Google Base feeds.


The takeaway right now

I have nothing say right now on the impact this will have on sites being listed, the size of the query space it will occupy or if this can change the volume of traffic sites will recieve through Yahoo. There are a few points to consider here though.

Google is the biggest, but it is not the only search engine around.

It is still worth keeping up with the number two and three in the market, and do not accept abysmal visibility in them just because they are not Google. There is still traffic there, and if your industry uniformly adopts a Google-centric view of the universe, there is opportunity too.

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