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There is a lot a Social Media Marketing plan can achieve. From building brand to generating sales, online communities and information sharing technologies can be used to produce outcomes. What will actually be done, and what will be sustainable will always have to answer the same question though: does it return on investment?

While media from other channels, such as TVCs and print material, can be replicated and spread online through communities without a business’ direct involvement, this process demands that the brand already have a committed group of technically savvy fans. This can be an ideal solution, and in one notable case, Apple, it has worked out very well. Not every brand has access to Apple’s userbase, and in some cases, there is a lot to be gained from directly engaging with the community online.

Other issues such as quality and the propagation of out-of-date information can also be an issue in this situation. Engaging directly in these online spaces gives the brand greater control over its own content and how and where it is consumed. This also makes it easier to gauge the effectiveness of a brand’s social media presence.

Engaging with social networks and actively publishing content online ensures that campaign performance can be tracked, that all information remains current and that all links are directed to the correct materials. While having material out in the wild online is not a bad thing, it does make it harder to control, and can mean that potential customers see out-of-date and incorrect information.

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