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Like every other year, 2009 has been a busy one for search. A merger, a new algorithm looming from the market leader and a pile of new tools and so-called ‘Google killers’.

The biggest change to come out of 2010 is probably going to come from Personalised Search and a Google Labs project called Social Search.

Personalised Search has been discussed as far as possible with the information currently available. What was only available to those signed into their Google accounts has now been implemented for those who are not via cookies. Data is collected on searches made, and this information is used to determine exactly what the searcher actually means by “australian coach” or “ctr ppc social online marketing” for the mutual benefit of end user and advertiser.

Using previous searches to place subsequent queries in context will make keyword selection much more important and far more involved. It will also mean that any company that is able to frame the conversation around its product and industry can create a real compeitive advantage, greater than what is currently possible. Where this will become more interesting is when or if Social Search becomes a part of Universal Search, and if it becomes a ranking factor for Personalised Search.

Currently the biggest limitation for Social Search is the scope of sources used to map out a social network. Drawing on Google properties alone is a real limitation, especially as there is a shift away from email and RSS as the main way to share links. I expect Social Search to incorporate other channels such as other social networks and additional tools such as goo.gl.

In short, get ready to pay more attention to either leveraging or creating social networks, and doing something worth talking about. Otherwise, you may find all the programmatic SEO in the world won’t keep you visible.

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