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Toy Story 3 Promoted Trending Topic

Twitter has already rolled out promoted Tweets, and the first sponsored trending topics also appeared. Toy Story 3 has appeared as a sponsored listing with the site’s trending topics today, as reported here, here, and probably dozens of other places all over the web.

The ad itself drives traffic to a Facebook page, where people can order tickets or enter contact details for a chance to win. The real point of difference offered by Twitter for this campaign is the user’s ability to retweet the ad, and to see other people discuss the subject by hashtag.

Pinning the message to the top of the stream coupled with Twitter’s tools for sharing content means that the Toy Story 3 promoted Tweet will get repeated again and again, and not just in the narrow window around when it was originally posted. The conversation revealed by the hashtag provides social proof of the subject’s interest and encourages participation through exposing other thoughts surrounding the topic which may resonate with the viewer.

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Toy Story 3 Promoted Tweet

For potential reach to kick-start conversation and begin to generate interest, Twitter advertising looks like it might be very powerful.

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Toy Story 3 Landing Page

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