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Google has a new update on Google TV on their blog and Twitter has announced their new client for it over here as well. Social media has been used as a back channel for mainstream media for as long as it has existed. Realtime tools with significant reach that support direct, immediate response, such as Twitter, have built on this.

The growth of trending topics during sporting or entertainment events or popular TV shows like Q&A (hashtag #qanda) show how realtime media can shape experience and conversation in realtime social networks. Twitter is certainly aware of this:

We’ve long discussed what the interplay between Twitter and television would look like. As a first step, today we’re announcing Twitter for Google TV. It brings Twitter to a platform that merges the Internet and TV into one experience.

Twitter is not the only third party building for Google TV. When it launches in the USA, Google TV promises the following:

Google TV will be shipping with at least the following applications: Netflix, Twitter, CNBC, Pandora, Napster, NBA Game Time, Amazon Video On Demand and Gallery.

Most of these apps provide content with only limited scope to add more to the feed or space. The user interface of Google’s YouTube Leanback is a good indication of where Google TV is heading for now in regards to user generated content. For example, the highly active comment threads from YouTube are not visible. In this case, it might not be much of a loss. However, content sharing is still a part of the experience.

Google TV will be more focused on content consumption over creation, but given how it is expected to be used, this should not be a surprise. Where Google TV will be interesting is in how existing and new social interactions through commentary, content creation and content sharing will be implemented, encouraged and involved with user participation.

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