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Google Instant on

Google Instant is currently rolling out on and a lot of the changes have already been discussed to death online, even on this blog. To date most testing has been done on this URL: outside of the States, and most analysis has focused on USA-centric content.

Since the USA launch thousands of words have been written on what does and does not appear for common words, single letters and partial queries. Most of this content focuses on US search, which should not be too surprising. As Google is very focused on localising search, this will change as the rest of the world gets Google Instant.

Because of the challenges involved in serving multiple Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for every query, Google is using sophisticated caching based on a number of factors including user behaviour. Google’s official blog post,’Google Instant Behind the Scenes‘ discussed this:

  • We deployed new caches that can handle high request rates while
    keeping results fresh as we continuously crawl and re-index the web.
  • We introduced user-state data into our back-ends to keep track
    of the results pages already shown to a given user—this way we don’t
    re-fetch the same results repeatedly.
  • We optimized page-rendering JavaScript code to help ensure web
    browsers could keep up with the rest of the system.

The Australian A to Z

So now it is possible to have quick and easy look at Australia’s most commonly occuring searches by letter according to Google Instant.

  • A – ATO
  • B – BOM
  • C – Centrelink
  • D – Domain
  • E – ebay
  • F – Facebook
  • G – Gmail
  • H – Hotmail
  • I – Ikea
  • J – Jetstar
  • K – Kmart
  • L – Limewire
  • M – Maps
  • N – NAB
  • O – Optus
  • P – Paypal
  • Q – Qantas
  • R – RTA
  • S – Seek
  • T – Telstra
  • U – utube (youtube)
  • V – Virgin
  • W – White pages
  • X – XE
  • Y – Youtube
  • Z – Zumba

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