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Social Media and a Fractured Narrative

Post-purchase care won’t save you because once it is online, spidered and shareable, it is too late. Customers broadcast the entire purchase process from research onwards through social media in real time, online, to all their friends, and the search engines, it is inevitable that they will post the good and the bad. When every frustration and problem encountered in dealing with a brand is put online for all to see as it happens, giving them a refund doesn’t help as much as it used to. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, even if the original problem has been dealt with, their frustration is still going to be there, out in public and sometimes even in Google’s index.

Customer Care Online isn't Retroactive

Both Google and Bing take travel seriously. Google has released products like Hotel Finder and a flight search feature and Bing Travel is continually featured in the search engine’s official blog. Even as both major search engines show more and more portal-like tendencies, there is a large number of other sites providing reviews and information and hosting communities of travellers or travel blogs. Travel is a big business, and one where the market has an insatiable desire for information, especially for the longer, more expensive trips.

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