Intent and Keyword Research on Search Engine People

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Intent and Keyword Research on Search Engine People

Search engine marketing is one of the very few channels where you can target people by their intent. The keywords someone uses to interact with a search engine can reveal as much about how close they are to buying as it does about what it is they are trying to find.

Keyword research needs to not only go past identifying which vanity one or two word term has the most searches per month or competition in AdWords. There needs to some thought given to how the keywords targeted match the site and business’s types of conversions.

Why someone is using a certain search query is just as important as how often it is used. Search is one of the few marketing channels where it is possible to target people by their intent rather than an arbitrary demographic grouping. Planning keyword research and optimization strategies to maximize views over targeting likely leads is ignoring one of the most powerful aspects of search engine marketing.

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