New Auction Insights into AdWords Competitors on Aspedia

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New Auction Insights into AdWords Competitors

Google announced a new report for AdWords on the Inside AdWords blog, and I wrote a quick post covering my first impressions. The post went live on Aspedia’s own blog, the company where I work, and covers a few interesting points.

Yesterday the Inside AdWords blog posted “Make smarter decisions with the new Auction insights report”, announcing the release of the new Auction insights report. This new report supplies information on who is competing for certain keywords and how aggressively…

One of the more interesting things about this new report is that it provides Impression Share at the keyword level, something that has not been seen before. The new Auction Insights Report also provides some interesting competitor data. Another statistic provided that is worth returning to in-depth is the Top of page rate.

Average Position as reported in AdWords (and Webmaster Tools) has been a rather unclear metric. An average by itself without any other summary statistic or standard deviation is not very useful. However reporting Average Position as well as the percentage of impressions for which the ad appeared in the top three spots at least provides some clue as to the distribution of the observations the average is calculated from. It is certainly a topic worth looking at further.

You can read the post, New Auction Insights into AdWords Competitors, here.

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