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Keywords without the Adwords Keyword Tool

The AdWords keyword tool is the starting point for many search engine marketers, both organic and paid. Even so, it is not the only source of insight into how users search and what words they use. In my latest guest post on Search Engine People, I outline a few alternative sources for keyword information:

Google’s products dominate the search industry in many ways, but there are few tools more ubiquitous than the AdWords Keyword tool. Its data is incorporated in any number of SEO tools, including those offered by SEOmoz, Majestic SEO and Raventools.

Bing's updated webmaster tools,

With Bing’s updated webmaster tools, including better keyword tools, there is no reason not to. There is more to search than just Google, and I don’t just mean Bing or Yahoo! either. See what I mean in Keywords without the Adwords Keyword Tool.

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