Correspondence Analysis in R

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Currently I am studying statistics with Swinburne University of Technology and most of the work has been done with SPSS. Unfortunately I don’t have access to SPSS outside of the academic version. However I do have access to R.

R can do practically anything that SPSS can do, but it will generally need a number of packages to do so. For some processes like multi variable regression, this means that to cover the tests for assumptions, running the analysis and visualising the results can take a number of packages. Not to mention those needed to prepare the data before it can be worked with.

For Correspondence Analysis and Multiple Correspondence Analysis this was not the case. The package FactoMineR covered almost all of the functionality needed to replicate the workflow and output required.

The code for each of the workflows is included below and the R and Rmd files as well as the markdown output can be found in the following repository: Correspondence Analysis Process.

Correspondence Analysis code

Multiple Correspondence Analysis code

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